Redflannel helps managers evaluate, recruit, and grow creative talent.

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Beta period limited to managers of user experience teams.

Meaningful self-evaluations

Colleagues and candidates evaluate their proficiency within a set of skills using criteria that are meaningful and actionable. Conduct annual evaluations to track progress on professional development.

Growth & mentorship

Find opportunities within your team to match skill masters with learners. Support professional development with resources from the Redflannel skill library, curated from top publishers, educators, and trade organizations.

Effective recruiting

Quickly identify whether candidates fill critical skills gaps. Know whether existing team members have the expertise to cultivate candidates' areas of professional interest. Establish a foundation for more informative interviews.

Redflannel is designed, built, and run by me—a UX manager who's working through the challenges of growing a team from scratch.

I'm not here to exploit your data or spam you. I just want to craft helpful, sustainable tools for (and with) fellow practitioners. Tell me how it goes: @jonabbett